About Entrepreneurial C

Entrepreneurship is about projecting the unknown.

Consulting is about managing the unknown.

Together they yield a truly effective and creative means of converting the potential future into a meaningful present.

How do they do this? First, it's a different, dynamic way of looking at things. Methodologies are great, and just about anyone can follow one. But does any methodology tell you how to do everything over the course of a particular undertaking? (No.) Methodologies make getting from Point A to Point B easier, not easy. What really paves the way is accounting for the unknown, which is what methodologies attempt to anticipate in a, well, methodical fashion. In truth, it's the unknowns that ultimately and over time guide a project, and having an understanding of how unknowns drive a Point-A-to-Point-B experience . . That makes the difference.

Second, there's two-pronged value in attacking a problem from both the consultative and entrepreneurial perspectives. What emerges is a multi-dimensional search for reliable and efficient solutions. Entrepreneurs reap their greatest rewards for finding the most efficient path toward making something out of nothing, and consultants gain success through their consistency in charting a course and achieving results. Bringing entrepreneurial and consultative perspectives together creates both the framework and the guide toward achieving the greatest value in nearly every business environment and situation.

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